Thank you for visiting. This website's purpose is to share information about the design and construction of the Chetco Indian Memorial. Feel free to explore the links, and consider making a donation to help complete the memorial's construction. We will continue to actively seek support until the memorial is complete. This interpretive site will be a resource of which the Brookings-Harbor community and the State of Oregon will be proud. 

Sponsorship from Siletz

We were recently selected to receive a $14,700 grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund. We are so excited to be this much closer to completing the memorial! Thank you for your continued support! Two board members attended the Siletz award reception in May 2018

Season Updates

Board Members and Design Team at SiteWhat a year! We are entering another grant cycle and are still applying for funding for the project, but we are happy to announce that we have received full funding for the interpretive panels! 

Check out our recent coverage in the Curry Pilot: http://www.currypilot.com/news/localnews/5783050-151/work-continues-on-indian-memorial

Kiosk Construction Complete

We are happy to say that the redwood kiosks were completed this fall. Thank you to Wow Arts & Exhibits for your beautiful work! This phase of the project would not have been possible without support from our sponsors, the Oregon Heritage Commission, the Oregon Community Foundation, the Siletz Tribe's Charitable Contribution Fund, and the Oregon Cultural Trust.


Plank House Entrance Construction

The Plank House entrance is complete! Wow Arts & Exhibits has done beautiful work. As of summer 2016 we have begun construction on the remaining three kiosks that will form the scale plank house. We are so excited for the next phase of the project! Be sure to check back for updates. 


Chetco Indian Village Interpretive Site

Design created by Wow Arts & Exhibits

Illustrated by Peggy O'Neal

Future Site of Chetco Indian Memorial Sign at Port of Brookings-Harbor

Tammie Bony, Lynda Timeus, Karen Crump, Milo Mann, Marilyn Gildersleeve and Maggie Zwiers stand by the new sign indicating the future site of the Chetco Indian Memorial at the Port of Brookings-Harbor, OR.  All are Siletz Tribal members and Chetco descendants.  Funding for the sign and installation was provided by the Oregon Cultural Trust, Curry County Cultural Coalition and the Coquille Tribal Community Fund.

Thank You JC Landclearing




Thank you...

 A special thank you to Rusty Talbot for the beautiful clay statue.

   Clay likeness of Lucy Dick.

A Glimpse Of The Past

Vernadell Mann, December 1974


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