Indian Memorial Project Design Process

Chetco Indian Village Interpretive Site

Designed by Wow Arts & Exhibits

Larry Watson & Peggy O'Neal

Illustrated by Peggy O'Neal


The Chetco Indian Memorial is located in Harbor Oregon near the mouth of the Chetco River and on the site of an ancient Chetco Indian Village.  Early reports indicate that there were more than 40 houses and other structures that comprised a thriving community.  Archeology established a continuous village at the location for more than two thousand years before Euro-contact.  This essence of the design is to honor the people of the village, reveal the history, and recognize the rich, deep, and vital culture of the Chetco people.  A village environment is being created to hold the story of the village site.



Black and white conceptual plan - enlarging design elements

1. Bench is cast with Chetco imagery in side panels. The bench extends into the shell midden or berm.  The bench is located to contemplate the sculpture of Lucy.

2. Sculpture (bronze) of Lucy Dick.  Her story will be told on interpretive panels on one of the nearby kiosk/houses.

3. Shell midden berm is sliced to represent archaeological dig.  Replicated artifacts will be embedded in the cut.

4. The berm or midden will be constructed of staked soils for planting.  Then a layer of concrete with imbedded rock and shells will simulate a natural hill.  The structure will circle the memorial to give definition to the memorial exhibit and block the surrounding industrial zone.  The berm/midden will have openings in the top and pass throughs to allow for indigenous plantings.

5. Indigenous plants valuable to the traditional Chetco might be: Huckleberry, Hazel, Wilow, Wax Myrtle, Bear grass, and etc.



Conceptual plan view



                    Conceptual plan with labeled exhibit elements