A. Vincen "Rusty" Talbot


"A fifth-generation descendant of Idaho pioneers, A. Vincen Talbot has strong emotional ties to the American West and its rich cultural heritage. She is a disciplined historical researcher, who insists on authenticity and detail in her sculptures and paintings of American Indians. Her work is realistic, approachable, understandable, and executed with consummate skill. It is beautiful in its grace of line and expression. The excellence of Talbot's work is instantly recognized, and over the years her works have been added to many private collections around the world" (Phinney Gallery of Fine Art).



Black and white photo - Clay likeness of Lucy Dick

About 15 inches high. 

The sculpture will be enlarged to 6-feet and cast in bronze.


Below: Color photos of a larger maquette of Lucy Dick





Sacajawea Sculptures by Rusty Talbot