Support For An Elegant Tribute

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Curry Costal Pilot, Letter to the Editor - Dec. 16, 2009

I want to express thanks to all the people who have been involved with siting, design, and financial support of the Chetco Historical Indian Memorial (see Arwyn Rice’s Nov. 28 article).

I'm also grateful to the Curry Coastal Pilot for its coverage of the development of the project.

It's not easy to coordinate an endeavor like this one. It takes cooperation from state, city, county, and port officials and I want all of them to know their efforts are greatly appreciated.

My great-grandmother, Minnie Louie, was a contemporary of Lucy Dick. This memorial to Lucy Dick and the Chetco people will be an elegant tribute, not only to our native past, but also to the foresight and generosity of those who brought history to life at Brookings Harbor.

Chetco descendants hold the Brookings area in special regard. We’ve enjoyed its coastal splendor, graceful uplands, andideal climate, but for some of us, occasional trips to Brookings are pilgrimages, too. We remember our ancestors who lived there and hold your region dear in our hearts.

Thank you, Brookings.
Lynette Warren
Wellington, Nev.